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Founded in 1984, World Knitting Industries Com., Ltd. is known as a competitive and reputable fabric manufacturer. Starting as a knit fabric-trading company, we have taken the opportunity to expand our business volume by purchasing Hsin-chu factory in 1997 and launching forth into the opening of our new plant in Jiang-yin, China in October, 2004. Such expansions allow us to exert direct quality control, shorten lead-time and improve cost-effectiveness.
Moreover, we have established in-house capabilities from design, production to marketing. This enable World Knitting to provide the latest and the best products accompanied with prompt responses and services to our honorable customers while rapid and versatile changes occur in current trends and market demands. To reach our goal of absolute customers’ satisfaction, we take “Harmony, Innovation, Excellence, and Honesty” as our managerial principles.
Our efforts have successfully won good fame among our world-class brands producing customers for manufacturing high quality and cost-effective knit fabrics and delivering submissions within a short lead-time. It is our constant commitment to provide high-quality products and services. We believe that only by realizing complete customer satisfaction can an enterprise be ever-lasting and prosperous.
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